Facebook Ads Marketing: how to build an email list on Facebook

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Section 1: Social List Building Fundamentals

Meet & Greet

Hey there Gopinatha here and I’d like to welcome you to your brand

new training the so-called list building mastery.


The goal of this course is to show you how you can build a list of highly relevant and highly targeted

subscribers using paid Facebook Ads as you know the money is in the list.

And Facebook is probably the best way to generate leads instantly and efficiently.

And I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

So there is a lot of great stuff that we will cover in this training.

I’m absolutely excited to teach you how you can get more people on your list with Facebook.

So get ready to drive thousands of converging visitors your squeeze page and together e-mail.

So let’s start building your list and I’ll see you in the next Step

 Social List Building – What You Will Discover

Before you start driving traffic to your squeeze page and building up your list.

Let me give you a brief overview of what we will cover in this training and what you basically have

to have in place in order to get started with building up a list for Facebook apps.

So the basic proses is actually pretty simple.

We will drive visitors to squeeze page which is a place for you exchange some piece of free information

like a guide or a video training or a free trial for the email list if you’re a subscriber.

And if the subscriber opt in if he completes the desired action he will get forwarded to something called

a thank you page.

The thank you page is just a very simple page for you acknowledge his previous actions.

You say things were opting in and you tell him that his free guide or the video that he requested will

get sent directly to his inbox and you just tell him hey check your e-mail in like five to 10 minutes

and then enjoy the piece of free information right.

So that’s the basic process to get started with driving paid traffic to squeeze page.

Make sure to have your squeeze page in place and the thank you page where a visitor would get redirected

to after a opt in.

So that’s what you have to prepare in order to drive traffic to a squeeze page.

And hey here’s what we will cover in this training.

Let me just give you a very brief overview.

First we’ll talk about identifying your target audience.

This is a step that many businesses that many Facebook marketers skip Facebook ads can get pretty laser


But you can only use the targeting functions Facebook has to offer if you know who your ideal client

is who that person is that you want to reach out to.

Then we’ll install a conversion pixel on your Thank-You page in order to track conversions.

And I’ll explain what that conversion tracking actually is.

Why is this important.

How do you install a conversion pixel and much more then the next step is to start driving traffic to

your squeeze page.

So we’ll create our first Facebook ad all walking through the entire process.

We’ll cover targeting building how to ride the ad copy how to select a perfect image for you at.

And last but not least we’ll talk about analyzing the results of her campaigns and how to scale your

Facebook ads to reach even more people on Facebook and to build up your list very quickly and easily.

With Proof – See How I Collect Leads In The
U.S. Market For $0.99 USD

I decided to create this little video just to prove to you that I’m actually applying the staff and

that it works.

Now this is one of the first smaller accounts and we created a test campaign in a new niche market and

we just tested how easy or difficult it was to get leads in that market.

And as you can see we had 271 conversions.

The that we created between August 29 and September 10th reached 35000 people and we spend 252 euros

on that campaign.


And as you can see we split this is a number of ads.

Now some of the ads that we tested didn’t work out.

We paid like a person a good example like this one.

We pay like three or three euros 45 per conversion per lead.

Or this one here like a Euro 6.

But on the other hand as you can see there were actually few winners like here which is good for conversions

for like 55 cents and we pay like 62 cents per lead in that market 51 cents 62 cents 88 cents.

And there is a winning campaign that we scaled because we didn’t only promote.

We didn’t only generate leads but we also sold to people right after we got them on our list.

And this is a campaign that that we scaled and we got 60 conversions from that campaign and we paid

99 cents on average.

Now this is a little bit more than we paid here like this actually actually half the price.


56 cents here or 55 cents and you’re like almost a euro.

However again since we sold things to that target audience right away we’ve seen a bigger conversions

on the sales.

So even though the campaign here was a little bit more expensive on the front that we made a lot of

more money in the back end.

This is what we did.

And again I just really want to show you that am I teaching you something that doesn’t work at all.

I’m doing that.

And you can do it here is really the rocket science if you just follow the instructions in that course.

So here’s two as we just tested and again this one got through conversions for a euro six and this one

this one got 29 conversions for 92 cents on average.

And you can even see here like the the the click just got a little bit more expensive at the end.

And we also didn’t optimize it because we just really run the test campaign.

But even if you just run a very simple test we started out at 29 cents per lead then 50 cents a year.

Then it just dropped to 83 cents again and at the end we paid around 83 83 cents per conversion paralysed.

So this is really cheap as hell.

We run this ad in a very competitive niche market.

We just really got great results running that campaign that’s not the only campaign that you run actually

in 82 percent of the cases we are getting these results.

But again just to motivate you a little bit into show you that you can do it as well getting e-mail

address below $1 or 1 euro is something that a ton of business are dreaming about their customer acquisition

cost is way higher.

So what they will teach in this course is basically how you can really achieve similar results even

if you’re running your campaigns on a tight budget.

Hey you can still acquire new customers without having to spend tons of money on Facebook at.

Section 2: Getting Ready – Audience
Research & Conversion Tracking

Why Researching Your Target Audience

The first step is to identify your target audience so who are the people you want to reach out to.

This is what we will have to do before even setting up or first at what 99 percent of companies and

businesses do.

And this is a huge mistake is to sit down with a pen and a paper and just thinking who their potential

client might be.

Now this is something we will not do what we will use to identify or ideal client the person who will

most likely subscribe to our email list and also bring in the most amount of money is to use data right.

So no guess working.

I will show you how to intensify your ideal client in less than 20 minutes using a hundred percent free


This strategy is really great because you can really pinpoint your ideal client without even having

to pay a single cent.

So if you’re curious how to do that then I’ll see in the next step.

 How To Research Your Ideal Client.

OK so let’s get started with the research process the first step is to create a list of the biggest

players the biggest competitors and your niche markets.

So let’s say I want to build up a Web site E-block in the social media marketing space that will cherry

valuable information on how to grow a business.

Social Media Marketing.


So in that particular case I just did a very simple Google search.

There is no blueprint for that.

They just search for the biggest Web sites the biggest competitors biggest forums etc. and the social

media marketing space.

So is trying to identify businesses that do something similar that I want to do and this is a list I

came up with.


So there are social media examiner with like hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.

Weve got John lumière here.

His focus is Facebook Marketing.

We’ve got Mary Smith Amy Porterfield both celebrities in the social media marketing space same as Kim

Garst or Danny Brown So they’re like these guys here are the biggest players.

And I want you to do the very same thing.

So define your market.

If it’s in the dog food market then that’s the dog food market.

If it’s the beauty market then it’s the beauty market.

I don’t care if you’re an online or an online business just take a look at the biggest competitors in

your market and make sure to set up a list of at least 10 websites that you found.


And also make sure that these Web sites here are similar to what you try to do.

So similar to the problems you try to solve or similar to the products or services that you’re offering.

So chances are to 99 percent of the cases you’re not reinventing the wheel probably there are hundreds

of companies out there doing something similar that you’re doing or trying to do just find them identify

them and then just create a very simple it’s like that.

Now why should you do that.

The strategy that I came up with is basically about spying on your competitors.


So what we will do is taking a look at the audience of each of these Web sites here.

So I’ll show you one free tool in the next video that is really a 100 percent free it’s great.

And that will allow you to take a look at your competitors and take a look behind the curtain.

So we’ll analyze.

We will research who the people are who are for example interested in social media examiner who are

the people who buy their products who read their block.


So we want to know how old they are.

Where do they live whether they are interested in what’s or online purchase behavior.

What sites do they like.

Or do they hang out.

Are they checking out social media examiner rather on their mobile phones or on desktop.

What’s their income What’s your relationship status et cetera.

What most people do what most companies do as you mentioned before is just really sitting down with

the pen and the paper and just trying to come up with something that makes sense.

But this just doesn’t work.

I don’t say it’s bullshit but it’s just really something you shouldn’t do because you’re you’re getting

an accurate result.

Of course Facebook is giving you the potential to reach out to you know just a very specific group of


Facebook can get laser targeted but if you’re targeting the wrong guy the wrong people then well you

will never be able to build up a list or sell product because you’re just reaching out to the wrong


Instead take a look at the audience of your competitors your competitors are the best case study that

there is out there.

OK so just always monitor your competitors.

Look what they do how they engage with your audience.


There’s no not only about Facebook marketing this is a general case study that you all do.

You can take it even one step further and then just take no notes on the products they are offering.

You know how often they post on their blog.

You can just learn a lot of stuff from them.

But what we want to learn about in terms of marketing on Facebook is their audience.

We want to get access to core demographics of the audience of your competitors.

So we will actually legally spy on them.

I know spying is a bad word but this is what we do in ads.

It’s illegal.

There’s tons of laid out there about all of your competitors.

And I’ll show you how to get access to that data.

So Shirke recap before continuing with this class with this training.

Define your market and make a list of at least 10 of the biggest competitors in your niche market.

How To Research Your Target Audience With
Audience Insights – Part I

So what is the secret.

Well I was talking about earlier.

Well that tool is called Facebook audience insights and it’s a great tool because Facebook is giving

you access to all the data it collected about its users.

If you say that can be true.

Well yes it is.

And let me prove it to you in just a moment.

So Facebook audience inside’s is a tool you have to work with when you research your target audience.

I know that there are tons of businesses and marketers out there who don’t even know about Facebook

audience and sites but well now you know about it so let me show you what data you have access to and

how you can actually use that tool to research your audience and to find out the core demographics of

the people you want to reach on Facebook.

So to access Facebook audience sites log in interwove Facebook Ads manager and then click on Tools appear

and select audience insights from the dropdown

and select everyone on Facebook.

And well hear this that’s Facebook audience insight.

The first thing you want to do is take a look at the biggest competitor in your niche market.


So in our case it’s social media examiner.

So let’s take a closer look at the audience behind this company.

There’s a section on the left hand side called Karaite audience in this section that I can define the

audience I want to take a closer look at.

So to analyze the audience of Social Media Examiner all you have to do is to enter the name of your

competitor in this section.


Social Media Examiner And here they are.

Great as you can see you can define the location of the audience of social media examiner also the age

and the gender.

What we want to do now is to keep this year very broad so don’t define the age don’t define the gender

and also don’t select a location at the very beginning.

I’ll show you why in a moment so just remove the default location which is the United States or the

country you are living in now.

There’s a ton of different day that we have access to so let me give you a short walk first before I

show you how I can actually use all that information to define your core audience.

First of all we can see the age and gender distribution so we see that 53 percent of the audience interested

in social media ex-Marines female and 47 percent is male.

We can even see that 36 percent of the female audience is between 25 and 34 28 percent is between 35

and 44.

And so on.

So this is great you don’t have to guess who your target audience is you can actually already see here.

OK great.

There’s not a big difference between men and women like 53 percent women and 47 percent man is not such

a huge difference.

But you see that hey the predominant age group is not 18 to 24 are the predominant age group is 25 to

34 35 to 44 and 45 to 50 for that is great information you have access to so use it then you can see

the lifestyle it’s not so important but there’s also some you estimate graphic and interest data based

on purchase behavior brand affinity and other activities.


Something you want to focus on is your relationship status.

So you can see that 35 percent of the audience of social media examiner is single then 17 percent are

in a relationship five percent are engaged and 44 percent are married.

Then you have access to the data about the educational level of that audience.

So here we can see that 18 percent attended or are currently enrolled in grad school.

What about the job.

What does the target audience of Social Media Examiner do for a living.

Well you can see that 41 percent are in management 33 percent in sales 33 percent in arts entertainment

sports and media 30 percent some administrative jobs 25 percent in production.

So you can either see what the target audience is doing for a living which is fantastic.

Then let’s move on Page Likes.

You can see the top categories that target audience of social media examiner is interested in so you

can see in the consulting business services section they’re interested in social mouse only marketing

block likeable media.

Jeff bulliest Social Media Club.

Word of Mouth Marketing in the nonprofit organization section product services.

Amy Porterfield digital marketer social Frasch James Wedmore don’t even know about that guy.

Ten spread as proud social in public figures they’re interested in Mary Smith.

They’re called Pearn Frain quern Tony Robbins etc. right.

So here are the top categories a list and some you know detailed pages that are associated with that

category here.

Then you have access to the pages that audience likes.

So he can see hey these folks are interested in social media today Mashable social media.

Amy Porterville digital marketer Condren marketing is Insitute etc. and if you say hey 10 pages are

not enough.

No problem.

Just click on more and you have access to another 10 can even click on Seymour again.

And while you can really get access to a lot of the data you basically see all the pages.

The audience of social media examiner is interested in which is fantastic location.

If we click on top countries and we sort the audience by size then we see hey this is great.

34 percent of the Tari the audience lives in the United States 18 percent in the United Kingdom 10 percent

in Canada 6 percent in India 4 percent in Brazil.

Edra so you can exactly tell where these people live.


So the core market of social media examiner is the United States United Kingdom and Canada then activity.

This is really important if you’re working on your social media content strategy.

So in that particular case it’s a good year to have a strong focus on your fan page or making sure that

you engage with your fans on a regular basis.

Because look look there.

These folks are very active.

They liked a lot of pages.

They commande a lot in social media examiner.

They like lots of posts.

They share lots of POSSO this means that there is apparently a group of people that is very active on

Facebook and this also tells me that hey comments post likes and post chairs.

What’s the result of that free traffic.

So one of them when I’m in the process of establishing a content strategy then this information tells

me that I should definitely build up a huge fan base and Facebook and then make sure to expose my audience

to great content that they will share because again that’s just traffic.

I don’t have to pay for it.

And in terms of the devices that this target audience is using.

Well we learned that four percent are active from desktop.

Only 13 percent the mobile only.

And 83 percent on desktop and mobile.

This is important for the at placemen section.

So when I’m not sure whether I should select the mobile placement option ordinate best of news feed

option or the right hand column ad placement option I just take a look at that section.

I know exactly well great there are people active on desktop only mobile only but but most of them are

active on desktop and mobile.

So that means that I would definitely select all three at placement.

But if you see there was no one active on mobile at all then guess what you don’t even have to select

the mobile app placement option.

How To Research Your Target Audience With
Audience Insights – Part II

OK great now it’s time to take the next step and really define your target audience.

So if you already know that you want to reach out to people living in a very specific country then just

go ahead and enter the country in that section here.

But you’re just starting out and you have absolutely no clue where your target audience is located.

Then click on the locations tab then select top countries and select your audience by size.

So as you can see in the case of Social Media Examiner 34 percent of the audience is of their audience

is living in the United States 18 percent in the U.K. 10 percent in Canada 6 percent in India 4 percent

in Brazil.

So I don’t want you to target all 10 countries right off the bat.


Get started with no more than three countries.

Select three countries that you want to focus on.

And you also want to make sure that you’re targeting countries that have a certain income level.

Now India might be a great market but if you want to sell higher ticket items and higher ticket products

and just don’t target India because unfortunately the people living in India do not earn so much money

as to ones living in the United States.

So it’s completely it completely depends on what you’re trying to do if you’re trying to build up a

freebie list.

Well then it’s maybe not a bad year to go for India first because clicks are cheaper than if you would

target the United States.

But if you really want to sell products and services and you want to distribute your products and services

internationally then you know you want to take a look at the top countries but then you just want to

focus on the ones with a certain income level.

So in this case I would just go for the United States and the United Kingdom and Canada.

Now you want to take a look at each country separately.


So we’ll just go ahead and take a look at the United States of America first so just enter the United

States and that section here and request the graphic data only for that country and here we go.

So the following information just to be sure we are on the same page includes the data of Facebook users

being interested in social media examiner and the ones living in the United States.


So if you want to reach out to people living in the United States and being interested in social media

marketing ball you’ve got all the data readily available.

So the first thing you want to take a look at and take notes on is the age and gender information.

So we see that 63 percent of their audience is females 37 percent is male.

And we see that the majority of the audience is between 25 and 54.

So this is something I would definitely write down.

Then weve got information about the Lifeson which is not so important but then weve got information

about their relationship status and their education level.

So we see 29 percent or single 15 percent are in their relationship 40 percent are engaged and 52 percent

are married.

Well take notes in that.

Write it down because as you will see later there is the possibility to target your audience or to target

Facebook users by their relationship.

So you’re getting pretty specific here but it’s still a targeting option.

That’s why you should have it on your list.

Then we’ve got new dictation level.

We see that 12 percent or a half into high school.

Seventy two percent or a half into college of 16 percent to grad school.

Take notes on that.

Then you want to take notes on the top five job titles or at least the top three job titles so 40 percent

of our audience is working.

Management 34 percent in sales and 32 percent in arts entertainment sports and media.


Take notes on that.

Then let’s take a look at the pages that our audience likes the top categories are not so important

what you should rather focus on is the page likes.

It’s that section here.

So write down at least the top 10 pages of the audience of social media examiner in the United States

is interested in.

Right because hey you can use these pages here the page names the companies names and the interest targeting



And instead of reaching out only to the people being interest in Social Media Examiner You can just

also reach out to the ones being interested in digital marketing or Mashable or Mary Smith or Hotsy



And hey if you’re looking for some great content that’s relevant to your niche market.

Well guess what.

Just check out these pages here see what the share on Facebook.

Check out what information they publish on their blocks.


So really important to focus on the page like section right down at least top 10 pages that audience

likes and you can even click on see more to get access to more information more relevant pages.

Then we’ve got the location so you even have access to the top 10 cities.

So you know that OK the majority of the Facebook users being interested in the being interested in social

media examiner and living in the United States it’s from Chicago then Seventy seven percent lives in

Atlanta and 7 percent in Houston 6 percent in L.A. A.

Activity right.

If you see that your audience is very active on Facebook then we already talked about that but let’s

just do a short recap.

Well if you see the Comden lot the post they like lots of posts that they share lots of posts then you

know having great content strategy in place on your fan page is really good investment because a lot

of Commons a lot of likes a lot of shares.

All of that result in free traffic.

Then another section that’s very interesting is the devices they use as you know you have different

placement options on Facebook when you create and if you run your ads.

So I would also take notes on the desk updates to mobile and mobile traffic distribution here.

Okay great.

So that’s the basic process and you can get even more specific than that.

If you say hey I just want to reach out to the female audience on social media examiner or the audience

behind social media examiner or just the age group between 25 and 54.

Well then just go ahead and select that age group over here.

So just enter 25 and 54.

And you’ll get even more accurate data chances are that the results will stay pretty much the same.

But if you say OK forget about the 18 to 24 year olds and they don’t want to reach out to people who

are older and 55 then well just select and then find the age group or maybe even the gender and then

just do the exercise again and take notes about the sections that I’ve pointed out.

And here’s what you should create at the end of the day.

It’s called a customer Avatar.

So as you can see this is a customer editor for the United States and it includes the age the gender

the location the income level actually education level relationship status occupation and the interest

of that audience and there are so messed up mobile traffic.


So this is what you should definitely check out these are the most important sections so if you’re in

the process of doing that research take notes as you can see it’s not an advance it’s pretty simple.

I’m just using text edit on my Mac and I’m just taking notes here and it’s totally fine you don’t have

to get crazy with some very advanced charts or sheets.

That’s really totally fine.

This is a really targeted ads.

But just make sure to pinpoint one country right and to collect that data as well as you can see we

talked about the four sections.

Your demographics page likes applications and activity.

Then there are two more that are only available to the people living in the United States.

We’ve got the household income so you see that the audience beyond Social Media Examiner has lots of

money to spend.

This can be great if you are not sure how to set the price points of your products you will see that

while they have lots of cash lots of these folks are are earning more than $100000.


Which is great.

Then you have information about home ownership household size home market value spending methods.

Well this is very specific if it’s relevant to your business for any reasons then take notes on that

as well.

But something you should definitely write down is the average household income which is like something

something like $100000 and more and then you even have access to the purchase behaviors or you see the

retail spending online purchases.

And then again some more specific purchase behavior here.

So this is information that I actually never take a look at.

Maybe just the online purchase and purchase behavior.

But generally speaking really focus on the sections that we just cover.


The demographics that you should check a page likes location activity and the household income household


And if you have to take the person’s behavior for whatever reason well then just do it collect as much

data as you want but this is the bare minimum.

So that’s the basic process.

Do this exercise for every country check out all of your competitors this way and at the end of the

day after taking up five or 10 competitors then you will be able to create a customer Avatar like this

that represents the average customer in the social media marketing space in the United States or the

average customer in the beauty market in Canada whatever it is.

So make sure to set up separate customer avatars make sure to spend some time on researching your target

audience because the more accurate you get with this the more laser targeted your ads will be later

down the road.

It’s really worth taking the time researching your ideal client because.

Well Facebook is giving you all of that for free.

And as you can see it’s not no rocket science there are companies paying thousands of dollars for that

type of research.

And you can really do it in less than 20 minutes.

So again select the country check out your competitors separately and also then just you know define

a specific country or maybe maybe even a specific age group that you want to focus on and then check

out compare direct or compel direct competitor or take notes here.

And at the end of the day you will have a sheet like that that you can use to create your ass.

So go ahead and take action now.

Why You Should Track Conversions.

Let’s talk about conversion tracking Now what is conversion tracking and why should you use it.

This is what you will do you don’t send visitors to a squeeze page which is the place where you ask

them to opt in to provide their email address.

And if they complete the desired action they will get automatically forwarded to something called a

thank you page which is the place where you tell him Hey thanks for providing your email.

Here’s a free report that you requested.

We’re just about to send into your inbox.

Just go ahead and check your e-mail in like five minutes.

Now in a perfect world you would see a hundred percent conversion rate that unfortunately this world

is imperfect so if you have a really well optimized quiz page you’ll see a conversion rate of 40 percent

and 60 percent of your visitors will not convert they will leave without providing their email address.

The problem is that we will not only run one app as you will figure out later we will run at least 5

to 10 different apps.

That’s something called split testing so we will try to find out which ads is delivering the best results.

So there must be basically something that will allow us to track which adds a lot to the 40 percent

convergence and which ads are responsible for the 60 percent visitors that leave the page without providing

their email address.

So it would be really great to say OK.

At number one and at number five are the true winners because the people who click on these ads convert

And at number three and 10 are the true losers because we’re not seeing any conversions there.

So it be great if you could just scale the working ones and pass everything that isn’t working now.

In order to being able to track that you will have to install something called a conversion pixel.

It’s a small snippet of code that is placed on your thank you page and whenever a visitor opt in whenever

he makes it to the thank you page where he gets redirected automatically that conversion pixel gets


So you will be able to track exactly which ads are working and which ads aren’t working.

And that’s not the only thing.

Facebook is pretty smart.

What you can do with Facebook is to optimize her ads for conversion so Facebook will learn which audience

is converging and Facebook will optimize your ads automatically for the 40 percent of visitors that


This will make everything more efficient.

So you’ve got to work with conversion tracking again.

It’s just a very simple code that you place on your Thank-You page and it will allow you to track everything.

You can’t exactly tell which ads are delivering the best results or you can just scale them and you

can pause everything that isn’t working and at the same time you can tell Facebook to continuously optimize

her ad for conversion so that you’re getting the best results without having to split tasks a lot which

is great.


And now that you understood what conversion tracking is I’ll show you in the next video how do you install

a conversion tracking pixel on your thank you page.

 How To Install A Conversion Pixel.

Great now that you learned what conversion tracking is and why it is so important.

It’s time to take the next step and the next step is to install a conversion tracking pixel on your

thank you page.

So here’s how you do it.

Log into Facebook ex-manager then click on Tools and select conversion tracking from the dropdown.

Click on that and then click on the green button in the middle of your screen.

So just click on Create pixel.

Now you have to choose the type of action you want to measure.

So we click on the check out.

We can measure in a number of different actions so there’s checkouts there is registrations there is

Leitz key page views as Stuttgart and other website conversions.

Now we’re in the process of building up an email that’s OK so we just want to collect emails and these

emails are also referred as Leitz.

So I just want you to go ahead and select Leitz from the dropdown then just give your pixel a descriptive


Or if you’re just having one just go for something casual like email list and if you’re done with that

click on great pixel right.

We have created a conversion tracking pixel.

Now let’s view the pixel cut.

This is the snippet of code that you will have to place on your thank you page.

It’s pretty easy to do if you know how to do it then great.

If you don’t know how to do it and you’re not the very techie person then you’ll find out in the next

video how do you get a conversion pixel install for only five dollars.


This is probably one of my favorite resources it’s like really don’t even bother about trying to install

that on your thank you page.

The best way to get it done is to just outsource it.

Pay someone $5 to get it installed within a couple of hours if you have a web developer or you have

someone who can install the pixel code on your thank you page.

Then just go ahead and click on email pixel code then you can just add a recipient and then you can

just send them the instructions along with the code and you can tell them hey just installed the conversion

pixel code on my thank you page.

So that’s the way to create a conversion pixel.

Make sure to get it installed again.

You can do it yourself if you know how to do it by following this instructions here so just copy paste

the code between the head and head on the page of your web.

You want to track actions.

If you don’t know how to do that you can still email the pixel to a web developer or someone who’s capable

of installing the pixel and if you say it like a I don’t want to even deal with with that then you will

have the next video.

I will show you one resource how you can get your conversion pixel installed very cheaply for actually

just five bucks.

Outsourcing – Let Others Do The Work For

If you’re not the techie person there’s a great Web site you can check out you get your tracking pixel

installed for just five bucks.

And that Web site is called fiver.

So enter conversion tracking into the search bar and you will see that there’s a number of sellers offering

that type of service for really just a few dollars like this guy.

He says I will add your remarketing pick’s account to your WordPress Web site for $5 and if you check

a good description he’s specifying here I will add your Facebook or Google Ogden’s remarketing or conversion

tracking pixel code to your WordPress website.

So this is exactly what you need.

Just find a seller with a decent amount of reviews and then just go ahead and order this gig for just

$5 and you will get an email from him or he will ask you to provide the quote and the necessary information

so he can access your Think page or web site.

And well this is a really great way to get your pixel installed.

If you don’t want to do it yourself and if you’re ready to spend $5 to get it installed by someone else.

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